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In time we all develop our favourite places, where we prefer to spend our summer holidays without someone disturbing us. For many people in Estonia and it´s neighbouring countries Pärnu is unquestionably one such place – the summer capital of Estonia, as it´s been officially called for years and unofficially for decades.



For more than 150 years Pärnu has attracted people from many countries with it´s sandy beaches, parks, unique mud sanatorium and nowadays spas, traditional summer events and festivals such as Pärnu Jazz, Watergate regatta, country music festival and numerous galleries.

Concerning entertainment – at your service there is a Watercenter that is practically located on the beach and also various nightclubs for every taste.

However, unfortunately there´s always a downside, even in a quiet resort like Pärnu. During summertime the population in the city triples, which is clearly seen when looking for a free place on the beach. Therefore arises the need for a private place.

For those, who enjoy spending summer in Pärnu and would also prefer to have a chance for a private time with their family and friends, we have started building a little garden city in Merelaane, Häädemeeste parish.

Merelaane is located approximately 20-25 minute drive from Pärnu along the Via Baltica, which makes travelling a pleasure. In case you get bored from a quiet vacation you could travel to Riga and even faster than it takes you to get to Tallinn.

There will be 16 one-family two storied log-houses with a commodious garden, which all will differ in size but not in quality. In every house there will be a sauna, all the necessary telecommunications and high-grade sanitary engineering. All you have to do, is to pick furniture of your taste.

The garden city is separated from the highways noise and neighbouring parishes with a little forest, which not only muffles the noise, but also lets you enjoy clean and fresh air.

A short walk through the forest takes you to the beach, where you don´t have to look for a free place, but a suitable one.